First stadium built for World Cup 2022 opens in Qatar

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The first stadium built specifically for the World Cup in Qatar was opened in the suburb of the Qatari capital of Al-Wakrah. This moment marked the official start of preparations for the European Cup final.
Created by the architectural bureau of the famous Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid, the snow-white open stadium’ roof exactly repeats the design of the traditional fishing vessel in the Persian Gulf. The area of Al-Wakrah is famous for its sea coast and the traditional crafts.
The stadium in Al-Wakrah has a unique 92-meter long roof. It is designed for 40 thousand seats. The games of the quarterfinals of the championship will be held here. To cool the spectator seats in the stadium, a special inflation system is used under the seats.The stadium will also host the Al-Wakrah Sports Club.
After the end of the World Cup, the upper tier of the stadium will be dismantled and transferred free of charge to another country that needs sports infrastructure. A week before the opening of the arena in Qatar, the first metro line, leading from the city center to Al-Wakrah, was launched.
Representatives of the organizing committee for the preparation for the World Cup in Qatar guessed that by the end of this year, another stadium is expected to open in the city of Al-Khor, where the final games of the championship will be held. The stadium will be built in the form of a traditional Bedouin tent and designed for 80 thousand spectators.

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