The design of the Champions League final in 2022 has been recently unveiled

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The design of the final of the Football Champions League has been solemnly presented in St. Petersburg. The branding of this 2022 finale was imbued by the flow of abstract art and the famous landmarks of St. Petersburg.
The final of the Champions League will be held on May 28, 2022.
The design for the UEFA Champions League Final in 2022 has been carried out in accordance with the flow of abstract art and drew inspiration from the paintings of Kandinsky and Malevich. The authors of the composition demonstrated in it the bright and sensual picture of the famous White Nights, during which the European Cup final will be held.
Through the design highlights, you can trace an allusion to the famous bridge structures across the Neva. This visual design also demonstrates well-known motives of the “Scarlet Sails” holiday, which is one of the key events of the “White Nights of St. Petersburg” festival. Not without popular cathedrals and monuments. The final element was the tallest building in Europe, hanging against the backdrop of the “Gazprom Arena”.
The composition of the final of the UEFA Champions League can surely be called an almost creative challenge, since this task was supposed to contain the whole soul of the ancient place and modern symbols at the same time.
The created bright composition is full of contemplation and football energy, which constitute the key moments of the European Cup final match.